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Heather Clancy


"Why become a Scentsy Consultant?"   That's a question we hear often, especially as some people put it, "times are tough, people don't have any money to spend, particularly on Scentsy."   Well, that might be valid argument, except with a company like Scentsy, to which there is no equal, they actually thrive on providing people with an opportunity when times are tough, with an amazing, simple product that truly brings those who come in contact with it, in one simple word "Joy".   Joy to those who sell it, joy to those who buy it to enrich their homes, and the lives and homes of their friends, families and coworkers.   This joy comes in many forms; the joy of meeting new potential clients, hosts and recruits from all walks of life.  These wonderful people whose paths might not have crossed yours had you not been a Scentsy consultant.   The joy in knowing that Scentsy products will not only make any home, office, classroom, dorm room, assisted living facility etc. smell great, but also that it is a safe product for those with children, pets and elderly relatives around!   The joy in watching a host become so excited about the opportunity of Scentsy that they take that proverbial 'leap of faith' and become a consultant themselves; to supplement their current income, meet new people, explore a fun new hobby or cultivate a  business and launch a new career.   The joy in building a successful business and truly working for yourself.  Not answering to anyone except that inner voice telling you to continue spreading the joy of Scentsy to everyone you meet!   The joy in helping your team members set goals, reach them and attain their own success.  The joy in their voices and emails as they share that victory with you and take that enthusiasm and excitement to bring their business to the next level.   This joy becomes so palpable that it takes on a life of its own.  The joy in feeling so blessed to love what you do and in knowing that you can make a difference in other people's lives simply by spreading that joy!   So, why become a Scentsy consultant, especially when there are so many down-trodden, naysayers who will shoot down the very concept before the idea even has a chance to take hold?   The answer my friends is a simple as the products we love and sell: Joy!  Simple, but profound in many ways - let today be the first of many to come where you take a risk, push aside the negative thoughts and the "I can't" and change your thinking not only to "I Can" but "I WILL"!  And believe me, you can and you will!  Embrace the idea of change in these trying times and set yourself up for success.   Prepare to spread Scentsy Joy as you embark on what promises to be an amazing, fulfilling journey.   I can't wait to have you join my team and begin your Scentsy story! I promise that skies the limit :) Heather Clancy - Director- Team Scent of the Universe    

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